Southern California Gas Company Rebate Programs

service-pages3PACE is working with Southern California Gas Company to promote its energy efficiency programs among its Chinese, Filipino, and Korean, Vietnamese and Hispanic residential, multifamily building owners/property management companies and small business customers.

To find out if you qualify under any of these programs, please read the following topics.

Residential Customers

Thinking of purchasing new appliance/s this year?  Want to know if you may qualify for cash rebates of up to $200? Please find below a list of qualifying energy-efficient products.

Appliances & Available Rebate/s

  • 2012 ENERGY STAR ® Qualified Clothes Washers: $35.00
  • 2012 ENERGY STAR ® Qualified Dishwasher: $30.00


  • ENERGY STAR ® Central Natural Gas Furnace: $200.00

 Water Heater

  • Natural Gas Storage Water Heater: $30.00- $75.00

Tankless Water Heater*

  • Energy Factor (EF) >0.82 – 0.90: $150-$200

*Must be replacing a conventional tank-type water heater


  • Attic/Wall Insulation: $0.15/sqft.

Water Conservation

  • Faucet Aerators: $1.00 per aerator
  • Low Flow Shower Heads: $15.00/unit

Multifamily Properties

If you are a multifamily (2 or more dwelling units) or mobile home park property owner or manager, you may be entitled to rebates for the installation of energy-efficient products in your apartment or condo units and/or its common areas.

Please find below a list of qualifying energy-efficient products.

ENERGY STAR ® Qualified Dishwashers (Inside Tenant Dwelling):

Level 1 (Energy Factor of equal to or greater 0.68): $30/each

Attic Insulation: $0.15/sqft. minimum R – 30

Wall Insulation: $0.15/sqft. minimum R – 13

Natural Gas Storage Water Heaters (Energy Factor ≥ 0.62): $30/each

ENERGY STAR ® Central Natural Gas Furnaces (92% Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency): $200/each

Central System Natural Gas Water Heaters:

Must be 80 gallons or greater, and a minimum thermal efficiency of 82%: $500/each

Natural Gas Central System Boiler:

Get up to a $1500 rebate central system natural gas boilers!

Small Business Owners

Operate a more efficient and streamlined business and benefit from SoCalGas®’ Rebate Program!

Own a restaurant?  Laundromat?  Beauty salon?  Motels?  Do you provide loans to small businesses?  If you plan to replace equipment or upgrade your facility, rebates of up to $200,000 may be waiting for you for energy-efficient:

  • Clothes washers
  • Industrial boilers
  • Water heaters
  • Commercial pool heaters

Rebates are also available for installing pipe and tank insulation.

The above is only a summary.  For a complete list of eligible equipment or appliances, click here or call PACE Energy Savings Project at (800) 716-2218.